TRE® is a simple set of movements designed to prime the body to induce a self-calming reflex. This natural shaking mechanism breaks through stored tension patterns and unresolved stress and brings the body back into balance.  When done properly, over time using the cornerstone principals of self-regulation, taught by Certified TRE Providers, this method can help individuals recover naturally from stress, tension and trauma.

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You can't stop stress from happening, but you

CAN learn to recover from it more quickly. 

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​ No one is immune to the ravages of stress. 
Everyone carries it.
 Admittedly, some, more than others. 
Yet, stress can be dangerous,
even fatal when it stays locked within.
By searching out Shake Off Stress,
you have taken the first step towards owning your own health.
By accessing self-care, you can return yourself
to a greater sense of peace,
wholeness and vitality.

Stress, TENSION,  

and chronic pain

Personalized Stress Reduction 

& Resilience Building  

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CORRECTION: Please note that when I talk about reaching a #7 on the "pain scale" in this video, I meant to say "fatigue scale" not "pain scale"

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The TRE®/Massage and TRE® Massage Interventions are reserved for clients with a regular personal TRE® practice who seek to deepen their practice.