Personalized Stress Reduction 

& Resilience Building  

TRE Trainer Richmond Heath explains neurogenic/therapeutic tremors in the context of the stress-relaxation cycle according to Stephen Porges, 2018. "Parasympathetic Arousal: a poly-vagal informed model of neurogenic tremors"

​(20 minutes)

Richmond Heath From TRE explains stress arousal and the tremor

A cartoon by South Africa TRE Stars Group explains Freeze State and the therapeutic tremor as understood by TRE, 2015.




Warrior Women With a Purpose Podcast #74
AGEIST Magazine Profile

Mary discusses her "personal story" in David Harry Stewart's, Ageist Magazine, 2018.

Mary discusses The Resilience Toolkitand the need for self-regulation as a precursor to any and all trauma work including TRE,  with Kole Whittey, 2018

Mary is interviewed by Portland Helmich, Headlines, Heath and Healing, TRE  2014.

Dr. Evan Osar on Corrective Exercise  Strategies for Lower Back Pain:Th​​e Psoas and Anterior Pelvic Tilt.