"I continue to shake off my stress; and more of my shaking now comes in the sitting position.  It has truly been a major aide in  becoming more aware of my body and where I feel things.  I feel more relaxed within, and have been more confident and focused in my performances. 

                                                                                 Kevin Sexton

                                                            Actor, Los Angeles, California


 "Mary is passionate and spirited about TRE.

I was fortunate to have six TRE sessions with Mary. As a college student I am often stressed and anxious. Mary has taught me how to calm myself.  After just 15 minutes of TRE I feel energized and relaxed. Thank you Mary for helping me cope with my anxiety. I would highly recommend Mary to anyone who is looking to reduce his or her stress levels."  

                                                                                 Katherine Urry

                                                                Junior,  St Mary's College

Pulling the body into contraction 


"I was lucky enough to meet Mary when she attended a yoga class I was teaching, and as we talked afterwards I discovered her connection to David Bercelli's TRE Program, which I'd read about but never tried.  Mary generously invited me to a TRE lesson, where I felt the power of the exercises, as well as the bliss of the shaking practice, for myself.  Over the years, I've been impressed by Mary's knowledge of the body, by her expertise in the TRE system, and by her compassion -- I recommend her to anyone seeking somatic-based, stress reduction instruction."   

Shari Goodhartz,

Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT-500)

"As a veteran, recently discharged from the Navy, I struggled with homelessness, substance abuse, and finding balance in my life. Traditional treatments helped, but could only take me so far. TRE has opened me up to a mind-body connection that has allowed me to not only overcome the barriers in my life, but to truly thrive! Thank you! "

Eric Buss, Navy Vet, Los Angeles

Mary P. Shriver was the first Certified TRE® Provider in Los Angeles. She served for 3 years as Director of Operations for TRE Global, and is the Immediate Past Executive Director of the TRE For All nonprofit, providing support to TRE Providers and organizations in more than 35 countries internationally. Mary is currently a Certification Trainer, Facilitator and senior faculty at Lumos Transforms, featuring The Resilience Toolkit (formerly known as TRE Los Angeles).  

Mary holds a license in Massage Therapy with the LAMBP as well as being certified as a Compassion Fatigue Educator with the Green Cross of Traumatology.  She has taught TRE as a self-care tool to over 100 Doctors, RN's and counselors at USC/LA County Hospital, D'veal Family Services and The Phoenix Society for Burn Victims, Iloilo Medical Society/Phillipines Hospital and is poised to be dispatched anytime to natural disaster and war zones to volunteer the teaching of TRE® to those in need.  

In order to become more "trauma informed" Mary recently completed her training in the Trauma Resiliency Model and Community Resiliency Model  (TRM/CRM: based on the principles of Somatic Experiencing). She has also completed certification from the National Institute of Health (NIH)  "Protecting Human Research Participants" in preparation for a Wounded Warrior Research Grant for the study of PTSD in Military in the LA Area.

As a licensed body worker, Mary is uniquely qualified to make any of the  physical interventions necessary for clients who have developed an independent practice and have reached a block or plateau.  Adding to her understanding of the body and the forces of tension which express along facial lines, Mary recently completed Level 1 training with Bob Cooley in Resistance Flexibility in Santa Barbara.

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